Advantages of Homeopathy

The remedies are non-habit forming; patients do not develop a tolerance for them, in fact they tend to need less and less as time goes on

People do not need to take them indefinitely; typically the condition is resolved in several months or several years of treatment, after which time the person no longer needs the remedy

The remedies do not cause side effects; in fact a well-chosen remedy typically improves other aspects of the person’s health in addition to the chief complaint

People typically report deeper sleep, better energy during the day, and improved self-esteem

The remedies are extremely inexpensive

It is impossible to commit suicide even by swallowing several bottles of a remedy

Healing Success with Homeopathy

Patients receiving homoeopathic treatment often see improvement on the physical, emotional and mental levels

Chronic diseases & severe acute conditions that fail to improve through conventional medicine often respond well with Homeopathy treatment

How Homeopathy remedies cure layer by layer?

Establish the conditions for health

Address pathology: Use specific natural substances, modalities or interventions

Address pathology: Use specific pharmacologic or synthetic substances

Address weakened or damaged systems or organs

Stimulate the healing power of nature

Correct structural integrity

Suppress or surgically remove pathology


As far as children are concerned, parents are always in a panic mode and not particularly sure whom to approach or what to do. They not only want their children to be treated for diseases but also want that they should not fall sick again and again. They focus on providing their children with the best of nutritious food and clean and hygienic living conditions. In my experience children on Homeopathic treatment fall ill with progressively lesser frequency as compared to conventional mode of treatment. Hospitalization events are drastically reduced if not stopped all together. Moreover children find the medication suitable to their taste. thus adherence to medication is not a problem. Parents do not have to run behind their children to feed them medicine.